Lavender Threads
Great Web Designs! Affordable and Practical.
Sunset Weddings
Panhandle Wedding Photograper
Diana Nichols
Great Life Coach! Wondering what to do next? She can help you figure it out.
Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson, my favorite comedian!
Jodi’s awesome songwriter resource.
Don Law
Don Law, a great solo guy and Joe South’s vocal double, just listen to him!
Nashville Songwriters Association International
Bart has a great group here to help songwriters learn the in’s of songwriting.
Tony Sutherland
Anointed music from an anointed friend!
Doug McAlexander
God does send bass players to help keep the drummers in place!
Sean ORourke
Monster drummer. He can do tracks for you remotely!
Just Plain Folks
Brian has created a powerful community for songwriters!
Big Kid Movies Production
Check out my son’s movie company!