What to consider BEFORE hiring entertainment for your wedding or reception

What to consider BEFORE hiring entertainment for your wedding or reception:

After considering your venue size and deciding on what type of band to go after, there are many other important considerations. I’ll touch on some points overall and go into more detail in future blogs. You can always contact me with questions at: jesse.deese@mac.com

You are about to invest thousands of dollars in food and flowers and clothing and venue and that list goes on. One of the very highest priorities on your list should be your investment in MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT. No offense to relatives, but a common mistake is to try to save on money by using a relative or friend to perform the music or be the DJ. Yes, there are exceptions when this can work but the “consideration” here should be at what level of proficiency do you expect your event to be. A wedding ceremony and a wedding reception are a “one shot” experience. You don’t get to try it again tomorrow.

Only seasoned professionals that have been through the procedure many times before can know what to expect, how to prepare for it and how to execute perfectly every time. Sounds a bit dramatic but believe me, if something goes WRONG with your music, it will likely BE a dramatic experience.

Budget for entertainment just like you budget for food. For example, if you budget $20 for each guest towards entertainment, a wedding with a 100 people would allow you a budget of $2,000. Without a band, just renting a modest PA system that could cover 100 people would cost you $4 or $5 per person, just to help put costs in perspective. That is to say, if you called an AV company to rent a PA for an event that size, you could expect to pay that much WITHOUT musicians…does that help?

It feels good to be able to say this BEFORE an event. Most people do not realize or appreciate the importance until they get to the point where the event is about to take place and the band or DJ is still not there, or they show up looking like they just slept under a bridge OR they’ve been drinking before they even get set up or any of a hundred other things that can go wrong including THEY ARE INCOMPETENT and sound like twice baked crap.

The music IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENTS OF YOUR EVENT. Consider this and budget accordingly BEFORE hiring your entertainment.

More on this to come. Call or write if I can be of further assistance. Jesse Deese www.JesseDeese.com