Wedding Reception Locations

You will have limitations for what size band dependent on your reception location. Consider where the band will be staged. Typically, the stage will be the center of attraction for the reception. If the event will be held outside, consider local noise ordinances. Volume becomes a huge issue in outdoor events. Volume is an issue at indoor venues as well but much more controllable in this environment. One question to ask is: “does the band come with a dedicated FOH man” FOH=Front of House aka “sound man”. It is not unusual for a band to mix their own sound off of the stage. Usually someone on either side of the stage will have access to a mixing “console”. The problem CAN BE that that person is not hearing the “MAIN MIX” because they are behind the speakers. Therefore, volume can be a problem. If you are paying top dollar for a band, expect a sound man to be in the package.