Negotiating Pricing for your Wedding Music Part 1

First off, you want to create a list of considerations and requirements. This is part of your “pre-production” as we call it in the recording business. This list should take the most time and research. Information such as topics that I am writing about in past blogs will give you fodder for this list. Without this list, you will 1.) NEVER remember everything and 2.) be unable to lead or participate more fully in a discussion about your needs. In other words, you will be dependent on someone else’s vision of your music and AV needs.

This is not to say that you may not be speaking with someone that can take care of your needs and provide you with a more complete vision, it is only a step in preparation that arms you with the type of information that will help you discern if you are speaking with someone that is competent and experienced, or a hack that has decided to try a new line of work beginning with your wedding reception as the “beta test”.

I will create such a list as well as illustrate some negotiating parameters in my coming blogs.